A trip down memory lane. (the first part of our story)

We all have something to bring to this world. I don't think I am the only person in the world who feels like I am living a life and waiting for someone to make a movie about it... well maybe I am... BUT, that's not the point! The point is, I got sick of letting my story go on without any documentation! This seems as good a place as any to start... so here goes nothing. I need to go back a couple years first.

Okay so maybe not that far back... but... I am going to have to skip some stuff for now but I'm sure I can share it in later posts... but yes.... that is my handsome young self!

Jr Year of high school I was the Theater Rep. When taking this picture they had told me to pose in a manner that would reflect what you do when you go to a show... i think they were going for a dramatic sad gaze, the smolder if you will... or laughing as if you are watching a comedy... naturally I pretended to start texting... and from a distance it looks like I'm smoking.. school administrators did a couple double takes at that picture...

High school... Twas the best of time, twas the worst of times... High school was not always my favorite place or time in life. I am glad I went though... or didn't for that matter... but thats for latter... I was in a pretty crappy place in life when I started my Jr. year of high school. Bad relationships, hanging out with the wrong crowd, etc. I was depressed and lost... the first day of Jr year, I was sitting in the hallway waiting to audition for the school musical, Peter Pan. I remember it like it was yesterday. I turned and looked down that hall way and got a glimpse of the most amazingly beautiful girl. I remember thinking to myself, "she has got to be in the wrong hallway, she is way to beautiful to be a theater kid." fast forward past the awkward ice breaker hello and we had immediately hit it off!!! She had 2014 written on her shoes along with, "Peter Pan" and I remember trying to be that detective I was and figure out who this girl was. I had no idea who I had just met.

A couple minutes later I already had people coming up to me to inquire as to whether or not I was falling for the new girl, to which I would give the, "psh! what?! Nooo!" then they cut deep and threw the, "yeah well she says your to short anyway." I played it off cool until the follow up statement, "But you know who would be perfect with her? Tyler!" Yeah... Tyler has been my best friend since like elementary... I am pretty sure my eyes twitched as I agreed with her though. Now like I said, I have to skip some stuff but, I promise ill come back or address things latter on... here is Homecoming Jr. year:

LEFT - RIGHT: 1: Riley, Tyler, Me. 2: Riley, Cyla, Tyler, Hunter, Sarah, Me (I look like a creepy stalker) Fun Fact: when we got engaged, Tyler sent me these pictures and said, "Hey here are some pictures of me and your fiance."

Tyler and Hunter broke up like 2 weeks after homecoming... it actually led to a bit of a fight between the two of us. I had defended Hunter when he got mad that she dumped him... but then I was invited over to hunters house, game changer in progress. Which brings me to the end of this chapter... for now..