Born in 1996, Trevor Beecher is a landscape photographer based in Utah.

Hello! Welcome to the site! This is the section where you get to know me a bit more. My photography comes from my need to explore the world and express my deep feelings through the beautiful landscapes I capture. I always looks for new ways to see the different landscapes. Every landscape that I explore is a reflection of how I feel in the moment and what I am experiencing at that time. I have a large focus on capturing everything about a moment in a way that allows the photo to come to life every time it is viewed.

From a young age, I was exposed to the fascinating world of visual media. Growing up watching classics like, Indiana Jones, Back To The Future, Batman (the old one with Adam West) Etc. I remember the day that my Mother told me that I could do that for a job. I thought, "I can whip people? sign me up!"... Just kidding... I actually just wanted to change my name to Trevor Indiana Jones Beecher! This being said it wasn’t long before I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in the film and photo industry. So I found myself in Hollywood for an acting callback at the age of 8 talking to an agent about moving to LA to wait out the current writers strike... unfortunately that just wasn't an option at the time so my dreams were sent to the back burner. So I worked to develop my Photographer eye as I continued to grow up.

Fast forward a few years and I found myself forward deployed with the United States Marine Corps. I worked as an intelligence specialist, and whenever I was not in a classified space I would have my camera in hand. I began to establish a name for myself as a photographer and worked my first job as such, when a Youtuber reached out and asked if I could help him edit some thumbnails for his videos. I later went on to work my first wedding while overseas as well. After serving in the United States Marine Corps I decided to finally follow my dream and stop at nothing to get there. My wife and I started a business called Semper Alpha where we would tag team weddings and events. It has since expanded beyond weddings. I have worked with music artists on both photo shoots and music videos.


Anything that gets my hands on a camera is something that I am interested in pursuing. Ultimately my passion is in the art of telling good stories, but more importantly, telling them well. 

To me, films and photography contain an element of magic - the ability to transport us to another time and place, to bring out emotions and alter perceptions.


As a creative individual, these are some of the aspects that attracted me to get involved in this industry. 


Trevor currently studies Digital Cinema Production at Utah Valley University, in Orem Utah.

Awards & Nominations:

Trevor has been nominated for many awards in his landscape photography, and was listed as one of Utah's best photographers from Snappr.com 

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