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About Us


We are a photographer/videographer family based out of Orem Utah.

The name "Semper Alpha" came to be after some careful consideration. Having a background in the Marine Corps I became familiar with the latin word "Semper" which means "Always" The word "Alpha" comes from having the relationship to being number one or "Top Dog".

Semper Alpha is a small family business, with a big company quality. We work on weddings, bridals, engagements, commercials, or really any event someone might want to remember or capture. Our goal is ultimately to help capture the memories you want to remember and deliver an "always top quality" experience. 


Meet The Team

Trevor Beecher

Hello! my name is Trevor Beecher. I am one of the teams Cinematographers and Photographers. I have been studying and working on film while in college and have been a growing photographer for about 7 years now.I was a United States Marine stationed for 2 years in Japan where I was able to continue to grow my photography skills in many event photography opportunities. I have been in love with my high school sweetheart since my Jr. year of high school and through much time away from her have grown to love working with her even more!

Hunter Beecher

Hey there! I'm Hunter and I LOVE all things art, creativity, expression, photography, film, and editing. I love working with my husband to provide customers the ability to remember and hold on to the memories they create. While my husband is a wiz for angles and vision, I am the edit master.

All "formal/campaign talking" aside, I love to film and edit. It's my passion and the job that I can't not do. 

So let us be a part of your day and create something special for you. 



—  The person who didn't respond to my review request

"Capture the moments of  today that will warm your heart tomorrow."

Let's talk

Hunter's Cell: 801-608-1068

Trevor's Cell: 801-608-4472


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